Maria Ioannou

Founder and Sessions Coordinator of ''Pick Up The Thread'', Psychologist - Psychotherapist

From a very young age, I knew that I wanted to be a psychologist. I finished my studies in Psychology at University of Athens, fulfilling the first big dream of my life. While studying, I got in touch with a variety of theories and psychology branches, but one in particular stole my heart. Psychoanalysis.

I decided to further my studies and trained in the new psychoanalytic theories, in a four year Clinical Program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Adults and Children at DIKEPSY.I specialize in adults, acquiring the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Diploma, recognized by the British Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP). thus fulfilling a second major dream.

My work experience began at 2018, while my volunteering experience, counts many more years since 2013 to date in structures whose dominant aim is psychological support. I've participated in primary and secondary education intervention programs aimed at prevention and addiction prevention programs, in P.C Pronoi Municipality of Kifissia, in which I am an active volunteer by participating in experiential and educational seminars. Wanting to study people in depth, I have cooperated with people both from infancy, in kindergartens and schools of Attica implementing emotional education programs, as well as with seniors in nursing homes, operating psychotherapeutically.

In Municipality of Neo Irakleio, Attica it was the first time I had my own therapeutic sessions and was fascinated by the practical approach of the psychoanalytic theories and their effectiveness. I like to set goals and achieve them, so it was not long ago when I created ‘’Pick Up The Thread'', aiming to promote mental health in a world that needs it more than ever, offering therapy sessions. There I found the importance of psychoanalytical supervision and personal therapy.

Education and continuing learning fascinate me and this justifies my participation in psychoanalytical conferences and seminars.I always aim at broadening my knowledge, skills, and creativity further into the psychoanalytic field. I aspire to grow ‘’Pick Up The Thread'' and turn it into a safe place for individuals as well as for groups. I conduct psychotherapy sessions both in my private office in Nikaia Attika, and via Skype. As a licensed psychologist, I want to comfort patients, by defining patient goals, developing individualized treatment plans, building trusting relationships, and fostering improved mental health.

Eleni Charouli

Licensed Psychologist, M.Sc. Counseling Psychology

After completing my undergraduate studies in Psychology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens,I specialized in Counseling Psychology in the postgraduate studies program ''Counseling in Education, Health and Work'', of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the Democritus University of Thrace.

Then, as a postgraduate student and trainee in the open psychotherapy unit Program "Athena" which operates within the framework of the 1st Psychiatric Clinic of Athens, Aiginition Hospital, in collaboration with OKANA, I was trained, under the guidance of the ''Athena'' team, psychologists and supervisors, in psychotherapy of adolescents and adults regarding alcohol dependence, substances, gambling and the Internet addiction.

Today I work as a Licensed Psychologist, M.Sc. Counseling Psychology with children and adolescents on issues regarding stress management, self-awareness, emotional empowerment, professional counselling and orientation, therapeutic intervention in learning difficulties as well as with children who are included in the spectrum of Autism, with Aspenger and other developmental disorders.

My research interests include issues such as the therapeutic relationship, which the subject of my thesis "The Therapeutic Alliance in Addictions: a mixed methodology to investigate the experience of the therapist and the client and its connection to the continuance in therapy", substance abuse in a refugee population "Disorders of the use of addictive substances in the refugee population: the experience of an open therapeutic rehabilitation program"  and the field of organizational psychology where in my dissertation I was interested to study the professional interests of young people in relation to personality factors, professional satisfaction, decision making and professional skills of adjustment.

I often choose the written word as a means of communication, wanting to share reflective thoughts and experiences from my daily life combined with useful conclusions from the review of research literature on mental health issues.

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