#BookTherapy2021 – Αύγουστος

#BookTherapy2021 – August

📚August Book or Resilience – "Where the Crawdads Sing" by Delia Owens.

Described by many as a coming-of-age journey, it is yet another book that has kept us company this summer. What could be more liberating than a journey of adulthood, even if it has its painful sides. After all, that's how it is in life.

Like any journey, it has a different starting point for everyone. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the author wrote this book at the age of 69. Growing up experiences have nothing to do with age.

If psychoanalysis is likened by many to a plunge into the abyss of the soul, so does this book. A story with intense images, heightened senses, mixed emotions. A story of resilience, loss, prejudice but also incredible strength. A story where the presence of nature takes the lead and acts as a mother and how much we needed it this summer!

Many are talking about the subversive ending. Shouldn't all life stories be like this? Full of strong moments, great disappointments and courage until the end...

You can take a look at last month's book here and put it on your next reading and why not, on your library shelf!

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